Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's been a crazy week here.  There have been ten hour work days, nine hour Emergency Room visits, marathon cooking sessions and last minute scheduling chaos.  All leaving me with very little time to scrap!
Finally, yesterday I was able to work on something that's been running around in my head for a while now.  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and knew immediately that I just had to try it ...

This is what I'm talking about: 

I just love how the background bloom came out.  And it was so easy to do.  I simply printed out the image of the bloom, placed it over my cardstock (on the backside) and pierced the outline of the image onto my cardstock.  Once the outline was done, I removed the copy of the image and just filled in the bloom with multiple random piercings, again all done on the backside of the cardstock.  When the image was filled in, I turned the cardstock over and this is the final result, a nice textured, raised bumpy background.  Can't wait to play more with this idea!

Now that that's done, and my new layout for Twisted Sketches is on the way to Anam, I'm heading back to my work table to finish up some stitch work on another layout.  I'll be posting that this week.

See you then!

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