Thursday, September 13, 2012

Woo Hoo - last blog post before our weekend retreat!

I just have a few more pieces of clothing to pack and then I'm out the door.  Maria Moore and I are going today to make sure everything is ready for your arrival!

So I guess it's time for one more way to collect an extra ticket toward the door prize.  Let's see ... I've posted the supply list for Lynette's class and the suggested size photos necessary to complete the project.  So this time, if BEFORE Sunday morning you show me your FINISHED project, COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS, I'll give you TWO tickets.  That about wraps up the extra tickets and door prize.  Good luck everyone!

Now, for an added surprise.  I've organized a hay ride for us.  Yup, as extra seats became available and last minute folks signed on for Saturday that put more money into the pot.  And in true BASF fashion, it's about having fun.  So as an add-on we'll enjoy a hay ride on Friday at 5pm.  Amy and I will be leaving the Inn at 4pm.  Meet us at the front desk, and we'll carpool over to the farm!  If you want to check out all that the farm has to offer:  I cannot wait to grab some nice, crisp, tart apples!  Yay Fall!

That's about it for now.  I'll be checking in from the Inn later tonight.


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  1. Enjoy...take lots of pictures! I wanna see what I've missed.