Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4th - new day new way to collect an extra ticket for the door prize at our September Retreat.
Bring a box of cereal which I will then donate to my local food pantry - receive 2 tickets.  It's that simple!

Let's recap all the ways so far that you can earn extra tickets:

- bring a handmade get well/thinking of you card for Cooper - earn a ticket
- using the color combo further down on this blog, create a layout incorporating all 5 colors - earn a ticket
- purchase a $25 ticket to the fundraiser for Cooper - earn 5 tickets
- bring a mechanical pencil for Mishe - earn a ticket
- RAK someone at the retreat that you do not know - earn a ticket
- bring a box of cereal to the retreat - earn 2 tickets

Oh yeah we're gonna have a good time!

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