Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st already!  I must admit I am looking forward to cooler, less humid weather.  I've about had it with the humidity this year!

And, being that it is September 1st, it's time to play along with some more ideas on how to collect extra tickets to our awesome door prize for our Sept. crop:

Just to recap:

  • bring a get well card for Cooper Griffin - 1 ticket
  • use all of the lucious colors in the following color combo on a layout - 1 ticket

  • purchase a ticket to our Nov. 3rd fundraiser for Cooper - 5 tickets
  • purchase an item from our Tastefully Simple vendor, show me the receipt - 1 ticket
Yes, it's that easy to earn extra tickets!  And, I will be adding additional ways every day from now until the crop begins on Sept. 14th.  Be sure to check back here often!

Now for some additional news and an update on another fun activity we have planned - our Letterboxing adventure.  

It occurred to me that folks would probably be drifting into the crop at various times and not necessarily when it begins at 10am on Friday morning.  This means that our letterboxing clues and directions will not be handed out to WEEKEND ONLY croppers until Friday afternoon at 3pm.  

This is going to be an awesome weekend, and I'm so happy that you'll be joining us!  

Let the fun begin!  Woot Woot!!!

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