Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today is a reflective day for me.  I find myself pondering the need to feed my spirit.  I've come to this point  by way of my current job, which in itself has brought me many a blessing.  After being out of the work force for a few years, this job was my bridge back in.  It offered me complete flexibility in terms of schedule.  It's right in my neighborhood, just a 4 or 5 minute walk from the house.  It met my pay requirements.  Jackson, an English bulldog, is a daily member of the work force.  Sue, the owner is an awesome woman, strong, honest and fun-loving, easy to share a laugh with.  There are so many blessings, yet still I sense the need to move on.  Some may think I'm seeking a 'perfect' work environment, others may think I'm leaving what's too good behind me, but I think that life is too short and my spirit's calling is too strong to be ignored and that I must be true to myself.  I've been sitting with these feelings for a couple of months now and it's time to take some action.  So instead of sharing a layout, or a tid bit about our upcoming scrappy weekend, I'm sharing my feelings about life, giving you a rare peek into the inner workings of Carol.

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