Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's been a very busy week here.  First off, I was assigned to make eggplant parm for a graduation party of 75 guests.  So bright and early last Saturday I started the process.  I decided to use my mandolin to cut the eggplant so that I'd have nice even slices - ya right!  On the second slice I managed to slip and cut the tip of my baby finger off!  Oh ya - off, not just a cut, but off - a nice even thick slice of fingertip!  So not pretty.  Ended up rushing to the Emergency Room only to find out that they couldn't sew it back on and, in fact, there wasn't much at all that they could do.  They did soak my finger is a solution of peroxide and sterile water for over an hour.  Can I just say that the pain was nuts!  They did give me 10 mg. of oxycodone, which helped ease the pain a bit, but not completely.

After several hours, I returned home determined to finish what I started.  Not bad - of the 12 eggplants that I purchased, I managed to cook up 7 of them.  Needless to say, my daughter, who has a sarcastic sense of humor similar to mine, has dubbed the dish "fingertip palm."  And, of course, along with the sympathy there were lots of jokes tossed around at the graduation party, all at my expense!

Lesson learned:  who really cares if the eggplant slices are uniform?

And, of course the fingertip incident has put a damper on my scrappin'.  I did manage to get a couple of layouts done though.  More work on Avery's album - I'm almost half way there.  The layout was based on a sketch at  The sketch is one being used for a DT call.

How awesome is that tattoo?  I just had to get it onto a layout!

And, notice that near-perfect bow?  That was my first attempt at using the "Bow Easy."  I'm thinking one needs to be an engineer to figure that thing out!

The other thing that excited me this week was a challenge by a friend of mine, Bethany.  She invited her Facebook friends to get involved in a gratitude challenge.  All that it requires is to send a card, one each day for 30 days, with a heartfelt message to a friend.  Now I know, first-hand, that a heart full of gratitude makes a word of difference in my attitude and the way that I interact with my life.  So, even though the fingertip incident has put me a bit behind, I'm excited to be taking part in the challenge and have already sent off my first card!

That's about it for me.  Catching up with housework, this blog and life is enough challenge for today!

Chat with you all soon.

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  1. Great blog Carol! Hope your finger is healing...<3

  2. Hi Carol! I hope you're feeling a little better today! I'm glad you got a few scrapbook pages done! I love your page, it's beautiful! I love the bow too. I have a bowdabra too, but I've never used it (lol!)I hope you and your Family had a nice Father's Day today! Lin from Pennsylvania xo

  3. oh so sorry to hear about your finger! I did something very similar to my thumb a long time ago. they did sew it back on just to see if it would take, but it didn't. cute layout though!