Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Monday and once again the weekend got away from me.  I had a great weekend, but didn't get everything done that I had hoped to.  One thing I did do, that has been on my 'to do' list for a couple of years now, was to go to Southwick's, an awesome zoo in Mendon, MA.  I had a great day there with Anna and Mic and managed to get some decent pictures.  Here's one of my favs.

I loved the "Woodland Forest" - an area where you are allowed to walk freely among the deer.  I have always loved deer.  They are such peaceful animals.  I saw several all white deer, something I've never seen before.

And beautiful parrots.

They also have a program where you can feed the giraffes.  That activity doesn't begin until May, and at only certain times of the day.  Anna has been wanting to feed the giraffes for a few years now but has never managed to be there at the right time.  Folks are chosen on a first come basis.  Knowing Anna and Mic, I'm positive they'll do it eventually.

And, on Sunday Eligio and I went to see the documentary "Chimpanzees" a great film about the habits of chimpanzees.  If you get a chance, it's definitely worth catching it at your local theatre.

All and all, it was a fun weekend!

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  1. thise are great pics and will make a super cute LO. Thanks for the visit today:):):)

  2. Love the monkey photo too. That zoo is a good one I enjoyed our trip there too.

  3. The monkey is my favorite too....just to stinkin' CUTE!